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About Us

Independent Work Solutions is based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, it has been providing workwear rental and associated services for over five years to well over one hundred customers.

The company was born out of the belief that providing a truly independent laundry services could be of benefit to those who might disillusioned with the large providers of workwear rental services in the UK.

Customer service is job one with everyone that works at IWS. Service is not what we promise at point of sale; it's what we believe in and deliver as a company.

Don't believe us; see what our customers have to say about the type of commercial laundry service we provide on a weekly basis. Most testimonials are supplied by directors of companies who are hands on with the running of their business.

We're not perfect, but we will always do our best to fix a problem in a timely manner and isn't that what everybody wants?

Clean it, repair it and return it… simple

Why Us

Be satisfied

We know there are more than a few potential customers out there that think that every workwear rental company in England is the same, well we're not and here is why:

  • We are independently owned and operated and we are local to where you do business.
  • We guarantee we won't just add charges for the sake of it. No hamper bag charge, non direct debit charges, locker service charges or anything else like that.
  • All new contracts are fixed cost for the first eighteen months and reviewable thereafter.
  • Our Managing Director is available to speak to all his customers; all they have to do is pick up the phone.
  • We put new wearers in the workwear in days, not weeks or months.
  • We inspect 100% of the garments for repair.
  • We do the repairs that keep your staff safe and happy.
  • We care; no one's more upset than us when something goes wrong.

We know doing the right thing and saying you will do the right are two entirely different things. You need to ask yourself which one your provider is and is that value for money when the prices go up every twelve month?

Direct Sales

Various workwear

We supply direct to you with no minimum purchase:

  • All forms of industrial workwear garments from a Proban boilersuit to an antistatic lab coat
  • Cooperate workwear
  • Hi visibility garments
  • Chef's wear
  • Safety Boots
  • Floor protection mats

No matter what industry you are in we can help provide you a quality product at a reasonable price. We can embroider or do vinyl and it's all done in house.

Because we are a small company we believe every order has to be treated with a sense of urgency, whether it's big or a small.

In our trade store we are proud to stock the Apache workwear range of garments.

We also stock four different styles of safety boots, work jackets, cargo trousers, polo shirts and whole lot more.