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Workwear Rental

You tell us what you need, how many, what size and what colour and we will do the rest. The service is inclusive of all repairs, put away charges and any other silly charges some providers add on to an invoice (you know what we mean).

We will provide you with any new garments within a timely manner, usually five to seven working days. Our drivers will measure all new wearers on request from an authorised contact when making their weekly visits.

It does exactly what it says on the tin; we clean it, repair it and return it.

If you have a special requirements, we would like to think we are flexible enough to accommodate you to make your workwear agreement run smooth and successfully.

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Launder & Maintain

Fed up with being tied down in a workwear agreement, no problem? We operate a "No Contract, No Hassle Open Agreement". Most of the time we are up & running with a new customer within seven working days!

You can purchase from us or we can launder the garments you already have. We barcode them up & away we go.

Do you need them inspected for repairs or would you like us to action them? Either way the choice is yours.

Locker services are provided free of charge if you own lockers. No need for your staff to be putting away garments, that's our job!

Do you just need a one off service or once a month? We are flexible, give us a call and we would be happy to quote. From one mat to a thousand boilersuits!

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Washroom Services

From a roller towel cabinet to a sanitary bin we have you covered.

Washrooms aren't always on the top of everybody's to do list, but you only get one chance to make a first impression.

The following services are available:

  • Sanitary Disposal
  • Air Care Systems
  • Hand Care Systems
  • Urinal Sanitizing Systems
  • Baby Care Systems
  • Hand Drying Systems
  • Urinal Maintenance Systems
  • Medical Systems

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or via our enquiry form.

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Dedicated Dust Mat Rental

Dust mat rental or as we like to call it "floor and people protection mats" rental is an inexpensive way of saving time and money it comes to protecting your floors your employees and customers.

Your floors will stay pristine because 85% of what would have been dragged through stays on the floor protection mats and does not spread out across your building causing wear and tear to your expensive flooring.

Your customers and employees stay safe as floor protection mats placed at the correct locations in your building will greatly reduce slips and falls brought on by the wet English weather.

To make sure your floor protection mats work efficiently for you, we dedicate them to your business. So a mat that was on a garage floor wouldn't end up on your office floor.

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Logo Mats

A logo mat is a must for any company where company brand and logo are of top importance. They're perfect for those high traffic areas to make a lasting and clear statement. Virtually any design can be reproduced with intricate details. It's not only promoting your brand it also acts as a highly efficient floor protection mat.

We guarantee our logo mats will floor you!!

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Anti Fatigue

We know the comfort of your employees is of your utmost importance when they are standing in one position for a long period of time. That's why they need a 100% nitrile rubber mat to ease any potential back and neck pain. The mat is skid resistant as well as grease and oil resistant.