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Why Independent Workwear?

We know there are more than a few potential customers out there that think that every workwear rental company in England are the same. Not true and here is the reason why:

  • Independent Workwear Solutions are independently owned and operated along with being local to where you do business.
  • We guarantee we won’t just add charges for the sake of it. No hamper bag charge, non direct debit charges, locker service charges or anything else like that.
  • All new contracts are fixed cost for the first eighteen months and reviewable thereafter.
  • Our Managing Director is available to speak to all his customers; all they have to do is pick up the phone.
  • We put new wearers in the workwear in days, not weeks or months.
  • We inspect 100% of the garments for repair.
  • We do the repairs that keep your staff safe and happy.
  • We care; No one is more upset than us when something goes wrong.

We know doing the right thing and saying you will do the right are two entirely different things. You need to ask yourself which one your provider is and is that value for money when the prices go up every twelve months?

100% Customer Focused “Listening to your Needs”

Understanding your business is our key to making new customer relationships work. We always offer an on-site visit to listen and learn before proposing a new contract for all your Workwear, Hygiene or Floor mats required.

  • Customer Requirements – We have to quantify your companies exact requirements needed from Independent Workwear Solutions Ltd.

  • Measuring Staff – we personally measure each and every candidate ensuring the right fit.

  • Quality Garments – Independent Workwear Solutions will only supply quality garments from leading suppliers.

  • After Sales – After every installation is complete we will send out a feed back form hearing sometimes where we have gone wrong, but most of the time how well we have done against one of the Nationals.

Independent Work Solutions Ltd are based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, and have been providing Workwear Rental and associated services for over ten years. Satisfied customers are well over the 250 mark, that itself is huge and grows on a weekly basis.

Offering Flexibility in all Departments

In 2016 Independent Workwear Solutions invested heavily into both reporting software and RFID technology ensuring all garments picked up are recorded coming into IWS and going out from IWS including all repairs and adjustments.

  • Data Driven – Industry standard Barcellos software initiated throughout all the different departments.

  • Reporting Software – We now retrofit all items with an RFID chip ensuring full traceability.

  • Customer Reporting – Come January 2018 all departments will produce reports on all garment activity.

  • Vehicle Tracking – All company vehicles are now tracked to enhance our delivery service giving you notification we are on site and off site emails.

Offering Value For Money.

Being Independent gives our team the flexibility to make decisions very quickly and does not effect the service we offer to you as a valued customer. Wearer Changes, New Employees, Leavers are no issue for us to sort.

Meet Our Team

We are a small team of dedicated professional who’s job is to look after our customers workwear. If you have a need to contact us you can put a face to your enquiry. The whole team at Independent Workwear Solutions are waiting to improve your existing service.

Michael Hall
Michael HallManaging Director
Born & raised on Long Island New York, l moved to the UK in 2003 after successfully running two Apparel Master workwear rental franchise laundries. On arrival in the UK I took on a job as the Field Service Manager of Acorn Services Northwest.
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca RobinsonPA to Michael Hall
Rebecca has had 10 years previous work history within the workwear rental sector and is now the backbone of the business. Rebecca looks after both account, and customer orders.
Karen Keate
Karen KeateFinancial Manager
Karen comes with a pedigree in accounting having worked for the same company for 23 years. If you have any issues accounting do not hesitate to ring on 0161 620 7900.
Michael Lane
Michael LaneMarketing
Mike has a background in running his own business and understands the importance of getting the right message out to the right people. Implementing a Newsletter, The company Website, Webshop, and general advertising.
Pauline Rigby
Pauline RigbyWorkwear Specialist
Pauline has a background in workwear having been in the industry for over 10 years working for the nationals. She is considered a workwear specialist and is ready to to visit and discuss your requirements.
Marina Edwards
Marina EdwardsWarehouse Operative
Marina is the organiser within IWS ensuring all goods inward and outward reach their destination on time every time. At all times Marina is the one one that picks up the pace and arranges what needs to be done.
Grace Harper
Grace HarperWarehouse Operative
Grace joined IWS in November 2016 as on an apprentice scheme as administration and customer receptionist. She is already developing skills within the business. Her likes are mostly socialising and dancing.
Trish Schora
Trish SchoraMachinist
Trish is a great asset to IWS with a background in both the sales side along with the customer facing side and still enjoys the alterations required by our customers. If you have a specific request re alteration please let Trish know.
Michael Edwards
Michael EdwardsDelivery Driver
Mick has been at the forefront of traffic management for most of his life, as he loves the open road and the smell of fresh air & the wind flowing through his hair.
Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths Delivery Driver
Mark being an ex-soldier is a dab hand at organisation and coming up with solutions on some of the systems in place. A good all rounder with a sense of humor.

“Having dealt with Independent Workwear for over 2 years, the service has been great along with the quality and the laundry service. I will have no hesitation referring this company.”

Richard Fillingham, Lansdowne Motors

“Having dealt with Independent Workwear for over 2 years, the service has been great along with the quality and the laundry service. I will have no hesitation referring this company.”

Richard Fillingham, Lansdowne Motors

“Having dealt with Independent Workwear for over 2 years, the service has been great along with the quality and the laundry service. I will have no hesitation referring this company.”

Richard Fillingham, Lansdowne Motors
Be Independent

Ready for a Change of Workwear Provider

We are awaiting your phone call to assist you in moving forwards with a new workwear agreement. We guarantee to visit within 7 days, or sooner dependent on the complexity of your requirements.  

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