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Workwear Rental

You tell us what you need, how many, what size and what colour and we will do the rest. The service is inclusive of all repairs, put away charges and any other silly charges some providers add on to an invoice (you know what we mean).

We will provide you with any new garments within a timely manner, usually five to seven working days. Our drivers will measure all new wearers on request from an authorised contact when making their weekly visits.

It does exactly what it says on the tin; we clean it, repair it and return it.

If you have a special requirements, we would like to think we are flexible enough to accommodate you to make your workwear agreement run smooth and successfully.

  • Workwear Rental – We only supply quality workwear on contract.

  • Quality Suppliers – We have accounts with all the workwear suppliers.

  • Quick Turnaround – Standard supply from 7-14 working days.

Now and again you may want an Item on a direct sale basis, absolutely no problem we encourage direct sales on all sorts of products we carry in stock. Please let us know your requirements.

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Commercial Laundry Service

Independent Workwear Solutions have been cleaning companies overalls and work garments for over 10 years. We now launder over 25,000 garments per month using commercial graded laundry equipment.

  • Pick Up Service – We offer a Daily Weekly Two Weekly or Monthly Pick up and Return Service.

  • Professional Services. – All garments collected are cleaned according to manufacturers guidelines.

  • Extra Mile – We are one of the few that can retreat Flame Retardant Workwear.

  • Delivery Service – All Garments are delivered back to there lockers if installed.

  • Bespoke Service – Let us know your requirements and we can provide the service required.

At Independent Workwear Solutions we find that communicating with the customer on a regular basis regarding what we are picking up and delivering can save costs by educating staff when to change workwear.

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Dust Mat Rental

Independent Workwear Solutions have been Placing Dust Mats for over 10 Years, protecting our customers floors. We carry immediate stock or have fantastic arrangements with our Belgium supplier of Logo Mats delivered in 7 – 14 days.

  • Standard Floor mats – Mats of all sizes re dust control, inclement weather, and nasties walking in to your building.

  • Logo Mats – There is nothing better than advertising your business on you Entrance Mat.

  • Comfort Mats – Help your staff get through the day standing on a Comfort Mat

  • FREE TRIAL – We have extended our FREE 2 week Trial on Standard Dust Mats (Please Call)

Please don’t under estimate the value of commercial grade floor mats. They mop up the water and hide all dust and other bits until laundered.

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We are at the end of a phone awaiting your enquiry. We guarantee to visit you within seven days, even sooner dependent on the complexity of your situation.  

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